Assistant Cafe Manager (Full-Time)

Cafe Manager responsibilities include:
* Managing day-to-day operations of the cafe
* Hiring and on-boarding new baristas
* Training employees on drink preparation and proper use of cafe equipment

Job Brief
We are looking for a passionate individual to be our Cafe Manager. The cafe manager will organize daily operations and motivate our team to provide excellent customer service.
Cafe Manager responsibilities include but are not limited to scheduling shifts for baristas, monitoring daily expenses and revenues and ordering supplies as needed. To be successful in this role you should have work experience with food service leadership or in coffee shops. You should be available to work during opening hours, including weekends and holidays.
Ultimately, you will help increase profitability, boost customer engagement and turn our cafe into a favorite local spot.
* Manage day-to-day operations of the cafe
* Hire and onboard new baristas
* Train employees on drinks preparation and proper use of cafe equipment
* Coordinate with vendors and order supplies, as needed (like takeaway cups, coffee, milk and other ingredients)
* Add new menu items based on seasonality and customers’ preferences (for example vegan coffee drinks)
* Advise staff on the best ways to resolve issues with clients and deliver excellent customer service
* Ensure all cafe areas are clean and tidy
* Nurture friendly relationships with customers to increase loyalty and boost our reputation
* Work experience as a Food service Leader or Barista
* Hands-on experience with professional coffee machines preferred
* Good math skills
* Availability to work within opening hours (including weekends and holidays)
* Excellent communication skills with the ability to manage and motivate a team
* Customer service attitude
* High school diploma
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